Streaming Box / Photobox v3

As a teacher, I was recently (due to the Coronavirus restrictions) forced to teach only half the students in class, the other half would be at home. I decided to live-stream my classes and looked for an easy solution.

In the end, I used my Photobox knowledge to build something similar for live streaming, but with a few different components/requirements:

  • Good video quality
  • Capable of connecting to MS Teams
  • Wired and Wireless connection
  • Wireless microphone receiver
  • Easy to correct around, quick to set up

I built a box containing (once again) a Canon DSLR, but this time I also included a wireless microphone receiver and put a docking station for a notebook on top. Once I don't need it anymore, it will be re-purposed as a photobox.

Because I built it in rather limited time (a weekend), there was no time to order mounting brackets and other hardware components. Therefore, I used my 3D printer to produce the mounting parts. All parts are printed from PETG which works quite well!


  • Canon EOS 500D
  • AKG SR40 wireless receiver
  • Trigger button (not yet connected)
  • Pose and AF lights (not yet connected)
  • ThinkPad T410 docking stations
  • ThinkPad T410

3D Printed parts

The following parts are 3D-printed, you can download the part files here:


Front View Front View Right Side View Left Side View Back Side View Bottom View Bottom View

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