Curriculum Vitae

This is a short and reduced version of my CV. Please contact me if you are interested in the full CV!

Andreas Böhler

Personal Information
Name DI(FH) Dr. Andreas Böhler, MLBT
Address 4802 Ebensee, Austria
2011-2015 Masters degree in law and business aspects in technics, Johannes Kepler University, Linz/Austria
2010-2014 Doctoral degree in medical sciences, Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg/Austria
2006-2010 Masters degree in Medical engineering, University of Applied Sciences, Linz/Austria
2004 School leaving examination passed with distinction
Experience and qualification
current CEO, Consultant at R'n'B Medical Software Consulting GmbH, Linz/Austria
current Teacher at the technical college (HTL) Salzburg
current Visiting Lecturer at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
2014-2015 Development Engineer at GE Healthcare, Zipf/Austria
2012-2014 Freelance Developer at medPhoton GmbH, Salzburg/Austria
2010-2014 Research associate at the radART institute, Salzburg/Austria
2003-2013 Technical support for the youth center of Bad Ischl/Austria (Internet-Terminals based on GNU/Linux, LAN- and Web-server, backup strategy)
2001-2010 Experience in medical hard- and software by maintaining a medical practice in Ebensee/Austria
German Mother tongue
English C1
Italian B2, certification “CILS”
French A2
Computer skills
Programming C/C++, Java, VisualBasic, CBASIC, Delphi
Scripting PHP, Shell (Bash, Batch), Python, JavaScript, SQL
Microcontroller Siemens C166, Atmel ATMega, TI MSP430, Renesas RL78
Scientific Matlab/Octave, LyX, LaTeX, Scribus
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