DokuWiki PlugIns

DokuWiki is my favourite Wiki platform for doing all kinds of things. This website runs on DokuWiki, too. Being a very powerful Wiki, it can be easily customized and extended with plugins.

For various projects and use-cases I neede to create or enhance a PlugIn.


This plugin adds two-factor Google authentication support to the DokuWiki login page.


When using the data-plugin, it might be useful to display additional information in a popup dialog instead of having to click on the link. This plugin supports this functionality by adding regexes for the links to attach to.


This plugin enhances the bureaucracy plugin by a new field: autoid. It searches for existing pages with a given template and increases the number attached to it on page creation, for instance BUG-1, BUG-2, …


Enhance the linking syntax by allowing wiki markup within the displayed text. This is useful if you want to format your link a bit better or if you have, e.g., the fontawesome plugin installed to render the link.


A simple plugin to generate a CSS-only timeline.


A simple JavaScript-only plugin to generate an organisational chart from a list


A calendar plugin with synchronisation and sharing support. Requires webdavclient for Client support.


A contacts plugin with synchronisation and sharing support. Requires webdavclient for client support.


A generic WebDAV client that support synchronising calendar and address books. Allows davcal to subscribe to remote calendars, an addrss book PlugIn is in the works.

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