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2015/02/19 22:07Andreas BöhlerConnect to a specific BSSID/AP in a WDS network Windows Vista and Windows Seven have one problem: Virtually no WiFi manufacturer has created a wireless utility, all configuration is done through Windows. In most cases, this is OK, but what to do when you are on a WDS network and one Access Point does not work? How can you specify another AP to connect to even though the signal strength is worse?
2015/02/20 14:12Andreas BöhlerSimple Socket-over-HTTP bridge Have you ever been behind a restricted firewall that only allows HTTP/HTTPS requests, but blocks you from checking Mail via IMAP or sending Mail via SMTP? If so, this Socket-over-HTTP Bridge can save you the day. However, you need access to an Apache/WSGI enabled server that can act as the other side of the bridge.