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2015/02/19 21:37Andreas BöhlerBraindump Just a Braindump for various useful things, mostly concerning Programming Languages! This makes a nice, embedded matplotlib Plot in a GTK app if self.canvas1 != None: self.axis1.clear() self.figure1.clear() self.canvas1.hide() self.canvas1.destroy() self.figure1 = Figure() self.axis1 = self.figure1.add_subplot(111) self.axis1.set_xlabel('Bins') self.axis1.set_ylabel('Percentage') self.ax…
2015/02/20 14:03Andreas BöhlerDownload an entire Picasa Web Album in Full Resolution I'm on Linux and Google stopped developing Picasas for Linux (well, they never did, they just had the Windows version running under Wine). Nevertheless, I wanted to download a complete Web Album in the highest possible resolution.
2015/02/20 14:08Andreas BöhlerExtracting lecture slides from Video Sometimes, I get lecture videos online, but no slides in PDF or whatever other format, or I could buy the slides for a few euros. Luckily, being a computer enthusiast, I looked for a quick, easy way to extract the slides from the videos, without too much hassle. My first try was to rely on the video encoder to correctly use keyframes, but it turned out that I ended up with 1000 images for 15 slides. Dooh.
2015/02/19 22:04Andreas BöhlerPython, Direct3D and Font Sizes Never ever try to display a font on screen so that it has a certain real size. * Direct3D displays a font always at 72dpi - regardless of the current DPI setting (at least on Windows Seven) * Every font interprets point sizes differently
2015/02/20 14:09Andreas BöhlerRecovering contacts from dead Android phone A friend of mine recently dropped her Android phone on the floor and the screen cranked - only the backlight would come on, but nothing was displayed. As she didn't sync her contacts, she asked me how to get her contacts back. Here is what I did: