Projects & Hacks

DiY Somfy Blind Controls 2015/02/18 22:28 Andreas Böhler DiY Somfy Blind Controls My flat came preinstalled with Somfy window blinds and a remote controller. However, no wall switches were installed and no timers or any integration with a home automation system was present. As I recently purchased a MiCasaVerde VeraLite, I wanted to integrate the blinds into the system.
Linux on the D-Link DNS-320L 2015/02/18 22:37 Andreas Böhler Linux on the D-Link DNS-320L I recently purchased a D-Link DNS-320L, hoping that it would be similar enough to the DNS-320 to get Linux up and running. Turned out that I was wrong. The DNS-320L features a different, but similar CPU and is tighter controller by an additional microcontroller.
DokuWiki PlugIns 2015/03/03 12:42 Andreas Böhler DokuWiki PlugIns DokuWiki is my favourite Wiki platform for doing all kinds of things. This website runs on DokuWiki, too. Being a very powerful Wiki, it can be easily customized and extended with plugins. For various projects and use-cases I neede to create or enhance a PlugIn.
LG ACB8300 2016/01/02 16:43 Andreas Böhler LG ACB8300 The LG ACB8300 is a cheap monitor calibration utility. It is designed for LG monitors and is currently only supported by LG's True Color Pro software. I bought such a device, even though I don't have a LG display. My initial thought was that the device was just another rebranded colorimeter - but it turned out it was wrong.
LT_Presentation 2016/01/27 14:11 Andreas Böhler LT_Presentation As a teacher and lecturer, I need to give talks and presentations quite often. Usually, I write my presentations in LaTeX and use a PDF viewer like Atril (Mate Document Viewer) to display the slides. A few months ago, I also bought a Logitech R400 wireless presenter as well as a Genius Ring Presenter and an ISY Presenter to control the presentation. This works quite well if the document viewer is the active window. However, I tend to have either a script or different other thin…
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