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 +====== Photobox v1 ======
 +Ever since I saw a Photobox at a wedding I was invited to, I wanted to build my own. Several years later, I finally did it! This is my first photobox build, so some things might not be perfect, but so far it works great!
 +===== Features =====
 +  * Compact
 +  * Easy to carry
 +  * Included Printer
 +  * Built-in flash
 +  * Adjustable Camera
 +  * Live Preview
 +  * Automatic image assembly
 +===== Components =====
 +The following components and parts are inside the box:
 +  * Canon EOS 450D
 +  * Neewer TTL flash
 +  * Raspberry Pi 3
 +  * 7" TFT Touchscreen
 +  * Canon Selphy CP1300
 +  * Power supplies, fans, holding brackets etc.
 +===== Building and Hardware =====
 +The box itself is made from OSB (wood) and covered with felt (used for loudspeakers). The red area around the printer is covered with self-adhesive foil. I built the box first and made the necessary cutouts, then I added all the internals. Inside is a 4 plug power distributor which is turned on by the power switch. All four ports are used:
 +  - Camera
 +  - Flash
 +  - Raspberry Pi
 +  - Printer
 +The flash is mounted on the top and connected via a TTL extension cord to the camera. I inserted battery dummies instead of the batteries and powered the flash with a 5V 4A supply.
 +The Raspberry Pi is connected via USB to the camera and to the printer and uses an additional USB port for a USB drive for picture storage. 
 +The camera is powered by a cheap chinese power supply that does the job quite well. It's always turned on. Because if becomes very warm (and overheated once!), I use a 12cm fan to blow fresh air over the camera. The second fan then blows the warm air out.
 +On the bottom of the printer, I removed three screws and used the holes for mounting the printer to the box. So far, the printer has to be turned on separately.
 +===== Software =====
 +Initially, I installed Raspbian Buster on the SD card and installed photobooth (https://github.com/reuterbal/photobooth). The printer was connected over WiFi and addressed using CUPS. While it worked fine most of the time, sometimes the printer would stop and a restart of CUPS was required.
 +Due to this and several other limitations of the photobooth software, I decided to rewrite the software from scratch using C++. It now has nearly all the features of photobooth plus included Canon Selphy drivers (over USB and WiFi) as well as support for external photoshows and a few other things. My implementation can be found at [[https://github.com/andyboeh/qtphotobox|QtPhotobox]].
 +===== Pictures =====
 +{{:projects:img_2356.jpg?200|Front View}}
 +{{:projects:img_2358.jpg?200|Right Side View}}
 +{{:projects:img_2361.jpg?200|Back Side View}}
 +{{:projects:img_2362.jpg?200|Bottom View}}